Where Can I find Weed in Graz

Graz is the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Styria. At its heart is Hauptplatz, the medieval old town’s main square. Shops and restaurants line the narrow surrounding streets, which blend Renaissance and baroque architecture. A funicular leads up Schlossberg, the town hill, to the Uhrturm, a centuries-old clock tower. Across the River Mur, futuristic Kunsthaus Graz exhibits contemporary art.

Is Weed Legal in Graz?

Austria, including Graz, has strict laws regarding the possession, use, and trafficking of marijuana (weed). The possession and use of cannabis for recreational purposes are illegal in Austria, and the country enforces penalties for drug-related offenses.

In Austria, cannabis is classified as a controlled substance, and the possession, cultivation, or distribution of marijuana is subject to legal consequences. Penalties may include fines and imprisonment, depending on the quantity of cannabis involved and the circumstances of the offense.

It’s important to note that laws and regulations can change, and it’s advisable to check for any updates or changes to the legal status of marijuana in Graz or Austria from official sources or legal professionals for the most up-to-date information.

Engaging in any form of illegal drug activity, including the possession of marijuana, is strongly discouraged due to the potential legal repercussions.

Where you can Find Weed in Graz

Graz, the second-largest city in Austria, has a vibrant cultural scene, and its nightlife offers a mix of bars, clubs, and entertainment venues. Keep in mind that the popularity of venues can change, and the nightlife experience may vary. Here are some popular nightclubs and bars in Graz:

  1. p.p.c (project popculture): Known for its alternative and electronic music scene, p.p.c is a popular nightclub in Graz. It hosts various events, including live concerts, DJ nights, and themed parties.

  2. Dom im Berg: Located in the heart of the Schlossberg hill, Dom im Berg is a unique venue set in the former wine cellar of the castle. It hosts a variety of events, including concerts, club nights, and cultural performances.

  3. Spielplatz: Spielplatz is a trendy club in the city center, offering a mix of electronic dance music (EDM) and house music. It has a modern interior and is known for its energetic atmosphere.

  4. Postgarage: Postgarage is a versatile venue that hosts live concerts, DJ nights, and club events. It features a diverse range of music genres, making it a popular spot among locals and visitors.

  5. Orpheum: Orpheum is a club and concert venue that showcases a variety of musical styles, including rock, indie, electronic, and more. It has a lively atmosphere and a dynamic event calendar.

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