Where Can I Find Weed in Galway, Ireland

get weed in galway ireland

Wondering where you can find weed in Galway, Ireland? Also is weed in Galway legal? The harbor city of Galway is located on the west coast of Ireland, where the Atlantic Ocean and the River Corrib converge. The center of the city is 18th-century Eyre Square, a well-liked gathering place encircled by boutiques and traditional bars that frequently feature live Irish folk music. Parts of the ancient city walls still stand in the nearby Latin Quarter, where charming pathways are lined with stone-clad cafés, shops, and art galleries.

Is Weed Legal in Galway, Ireland?

No.  It is an offence to cultivate, import, export, produce, supply and possess cannabis except in accordance with a Ministerial Licence. 

Policy to date has not permitted the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes and no licences have been issued for this activity. 

The Government has no plans to legalise cannabis. 

The two most common active components found in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

  • THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Under the Misuse of Drugs legislation products containing THC are strictly controlled and possession is unlawful except under licence.
  • CBD is derived from cannabis. However, since it is not psychoactive it is not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs legislation, and does not require a Ministerial Licence. 

Where To Find Weed in Galway, Ireland

Getting weed in Galway becomes easy when you have the right plug. There are so many weed destinations in Galway however you should not smoke while in public. Here are some of the best weed spots in Galway;

1. The Crane Bar 

2. Tig Chóilí 

3. Tigh Neachtain 

4. Garavan’s Bar 

5. The Front Door/Sonny Molloy’s.


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